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   CBA has not started yet, the leader will talk to you about something else. The well-known basketball commentator and former Chinese national player Ma Jian revealed in the live broadcast that his body fat rate at his peak was about 4.8%, and his bench press weight reached 140-150 kg! He also cited the example of Yao Ming, claiming that the latter only pushed 150 kilograms after entering the NBA five years ago.


   Body fat percentage = (total body fat weight ÷ body weight) × 100%, which reflects the proportion of body fat to total body weight. Obviously, the lower the body fat rate, the more fit the body and the tighter the muscles. The ideal body fat rate for men is around 10%-18%, while that for women is around 17%-25%.


   The body fat rate of athletes depends on the sport. Two familiar sports muscular men: James 6% and Cristiano Ronaldo 7%. The vast majority of NBA players can control below 10%. Butler exposed his body fat rate on ins to 4.96%. There is still no peak Ma Jian horror!


   Let's talk about bench press again. Former Chinese men's basketball coach Gong Luming once revealed that most players' bench press weight is less than 100 kg, while women's volleyball main attacker Zhang Changning can reach 120 kg. Pinnacle Ma Jian’s bench press data clearly crushes active players. Even if they are now over 50, the gym is still 100 kg bottom!


  Ma Jian also said in the live broadcast that in the last CBA season before Yao Ming went to the United States, the biggest blockade encountered was against him! Facing Yao who was nearly 30 centimeters higher than himself, the horse raced tightly, creating physical confrontation and constantly pushing him and pushing him, so that Yao Ming finally exploded: "TM old horse, why are you so dependent."

马健还在直播中说,姚明去美国之前的最后一个CBA赛季,遇到的最大障碍是对他!面对比自己高近30厘米的姚明,这匹马跑得很紧,形成了身体上的对抗,不断地推开他并推开他,于是姚明终于爆炸了:“ TM老马,你为什么这么依赖。”

   Of course, in view of the fact that Ma’s guide often speaks surprisingly, he has denied that Duncan is "the first major in history" and was questioned. Therefore, many fans sent barrage to curse him during the live broadcast. But Yao clearly said: "The matchup with Ma Jian made me understand that it is not enough to play basketball with height alone." It shows that Ma Jian at the peak is indeed very good.


   Horse Fitness is 2 meters 02, weighs 105 kg, and serves as a power forward. Many people say that he is one of the most outstanding players in Chinese basketball history! At the same time, he is also the first player to play in the NCAA in China, and is known as the first person in the Chinese NCAA!


   In 1992, Ma Jian participated in the Barcelona Olympic Games with the Chinese men's basketball team. He scored a total of 22 points in 6 games. Although the statistics are not gorgeous, he has shown his confrontation ability in front of the world. After the Olympics, UCLA sent him an invitation letter for a full basketball scholarship.


   At that time, Ma Jian had obtained a U.S. visa, but the Basketball Association refused to let him go to the U.S. and warned him that if he insisted on going to the U.S., he would be permanently disqualified from participating in the national team! For his basketball dream, Ma Jian finally left China resolutely and played for the NCAA.


   It's just that due to factors such as the unrecognized academic qualifications in the United States, Ma Jian eventually failed to get a basketball scholarship from UCLA, and instead joined the University of Utah. In the 1993-94 season, as the first Chinese player to compete in the NCAA, he averaged 8.2 points and 3.7 rebounds in 21.8 minutes per game. He was also featured in the famous magazine "Sports Illustrated".

仅仅是由于诸如美国的学历未被认可等因素,马健最终未能从UCLA获得篮球奖学金,而是加入了犹他大学。在1993-94赛季,作为第一位参加NCAA比赛的中国球员,他场均21.8分钟内平均得到8.2分和3.7个篮板。他还被著名杂志《体育画报》(Sports Illustrated)收录。

   After graduating from college, Ma Jian was selected for the preseason roster of the 1995 Clippers and earned an average of 15 minutes per game, but was eventually replaced by Brent Barry. In the first two days, Ma Gui posted a video of that year's game on social media, with the title "The First Chinese to Score in the NBA". Does this one-stop layup surprise you?

大学毕业后,马健入选了1995年快船的季前赛,平均每场可上场15分钟,但最终被布伦特·巴里(Brent Barry)取代。在前两天,马桂在社交媒体上发布了该年比赛的视频,标题为“首位入选NBA的中国人”。一站式上篮会让您感到惊讶吗?

   After the NBA dream broke, Ma Jian went to the Philippines semi-professional league PBL to play for three months. He helped the team win the championship as a foreign aid and was elected the best foreign player of the year. According to reports, he is very popular in the Philippines. Every time he plays, he will attract a large number of local Chinese fans. Some media even call it the "Ma Jian phenomenon"!


   Looking at Asia at that time, Ma Jian's strength was superior. After returning to China, Aoshen signed him, and the annual salary is rumored to be as high as 1 million yuan! Ma Jian also used his outstanding performance to help the team win the championship in League B and successfully promoted to A. Only after that, Aushen's record was poor, and the boss cut him out in a rage, and the two sides also went to court for this.


  The lawsuit lasted for two years. In the past two years, Ma Jian had no ball to play, which delayed the most precious youth. In 2002, he finally won back free and joined the Shanghai Men's Basketball Team. However, due to a knee injury, he only played 19 games and averaged only 3.6 points and 2.9 rebounds. In the end, the two sides terminated the contract, and the 33-year-old Ma Jian said goodbye to basketball.

诉讼持续了两年。在过去的两年中,马剑没有打球,这延迟了最宝贵的青春。 2002年,他终于重获自由,加入上海男篮。然而,由于膝盖受伤,他只打了19场比赛,平均只有3.6分和2.9个篮板。最终,双方终止了合同,而33岁的马健向篮球告别。

   Throughout Ma Jian's career, there are some regrets and regrets, after all, he can instinctively reach higher heights. I hope that more basketball talents will emerge in China in the future. Yes, I am looking at the collection in the lower right corner.




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