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  France, Paris-On October 10th local time, the 2020 French Open Women's Singles final ended successfully. Swatek, a young player from Poland, defeated the new Australian Open champion Kenning 6-4 6-1 and won the cup in one black.

法国巴黎-当地时间10月10日,2020年法国公开赛女单决赛成功结束。来自波兰的年轻球员Swatek以6-4 6-1击败新的澳网冠军肯宁,并以黑色赢得了杯赛。

   The 19-year-old teenager maintained a perfect record without losing a set in seven games, losing at most five games per game. Facing the No. 4 seed, she hit a wave of six consecutive rounds in the second set. It took 1 hour and 24 minutes to end the fight and became the first Grand Slam singles champion in Polish tennis history.



   In contrast, Kenning has undoubtedly more experience in competitions. She won the first Grand Slam championship at the Australian Open at the beginning of the year. The 21-year-old American girl played in the French Open four times this year with opponents in the final set, but in the semifinals with her outstanding performance, she defeated the two-time Wimbledon champion Kvitova, with a 16-1 record of Grand Slam this year. Entered his first clay court final.


Swatek defeated the runner-up Wanjosova of the 2019 tournament in the first round. The fourth round was a sweeping revenge. He defeated his former champion Halep at the French Open last year, and then took two qualifications in the quarter-finals and semi-finals. The black horse Trevisan and Podolska entered the championship with only 23 games lost. She also became the player who lost the fewest rounds on the road to the first Grand Slam final after Pierce in 1994. At that time, the French star lost only 10 rounds and eventually won the French Open runner-up.


   The only time Kenning and Swatek had met before was in Roland Garros, but that was the 2016 youth group game, when Swatek won two straight sets and successfully reached the quarterfinals. Today, the Polish girl started the game like a smash, scoring 12 points in the first 15 points and quickly established a 3-0 lead.

肯宁和斯瓦特克唯一一次见面是在罗兰·加洛斯(Roland Garros),但这是2016年青年团体赛,斯瓦特克连续两场夺冠并成功进入八强。今天,这位波兰姑娘以惊人的成绩开始了比赛,在前15分中获得12分,并迅速建立了3-0的领先优势。

The sixth in the world did not adapt to the yin and yang fields of Philippe Chatier at the beginning, and was struggling with the constant attack of the opponent, but she still tried her best to gain a foothold and gradually used a deep return ball to return to S. Vatek applied pressure and also won three consecutive games to tie the score to 3-3.

世界排名第六的人一开始并不适应Philippe Chatier的阴阳领域,并且一直在努力抵抗对手的不断进攻,但是她仍然尽自己最大的努力站稳了脚跟,并逐渐使用深深的回球返回到S. Vatek施加压力,并且连续三场比赛获胜,将比分扳成3-3。

The next two rounds evolved into a marathon. After nearly 10 minutes of seesaw, the Polish teenager broke serve again-she had the last laugh in the third break point multi-shot confrontation-and then ushered in her own serve win. .

接下来的两轮比赛变成了马拉松比赛。经过将近10分钟的跷跷板比赛,这位波兰小将再次发球-她在第三个破发点多重对抗中笑到了最后-然后迎来了自己的发球胜利。 。

   Kenning successfully resolved an inventory, and also saw the hope of breaking it back. She then blasted a backhand to receive the winning point-Swatek tried to save the ball but accidentally dropped the racket-and both sides returned to the same starting line.


   As the first Polish female player to enter the Grand Slam final after Radwanska at Wimbledon in 2012, the young Swatek has shown a mature mentality far beyond his age. She quickly brought out two more inventory points with a strong hair extension, and this time she did not waste any chance. In the stalemate, she waited until the opponent backhanded the ball back out of bounds, which took 53 minutes to take the lead.


   The two sides exchanged a serve in the second set. Swatek opened up firepower and quickly won the initiative. Kenning applied for a medical suspension to leave the field for treatment midway, but failed to reverse the situation after returning. The Polish teenager scored a winning streak, and in a blink of an eye he has expanded his advantage to 5-1.

双方在第二盘交换了发球局。 Swatek开辟了火力,并迅速赢得了主动。肯宁(Kenning)申请了医疗暂停,以便中途离开现场接受治疗,但返回后未能扭转这种情况。这位波兰少年取得了连胜,转眼间他的优势扩大到5-1。

   With a direct score from a serve, Swatek got the first championship point today. She didn't show any mood swings, and used the last fore shot to seal the victory.


   Judging from the technical statistics, Swatek handed in a beautiful answer sheet: she had 25 winning points in total, 17 unforced errors, and six break points with nine break points. She won 60% of the points on the opponent's serve, and Kenning only scored 10 points in the second set.




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