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Before the beginning of the article, I want to tell you a very cold historical knowledge: IBM was founded in the three years of Qing Xuantong.


Did everyone feel a strong sense of historical fragmentation? Technology companies and a long history, these two seem to be incompatible with each other, and they are perfectly integrated here at IBM.


IBM has also become the "living fossil" of the technology circle. And this year is the 109th year of its establishment.


But just when many people feel that IBM, which has been seen everywhere in the world, is still making a fortune and the years are quiet, a recent news has really shocked the technology circle.


That is IBM, the blue giant, who is going to separate.


Although it sounds very sad, and many media have used "the end of an era" to describe this incident, but seeing the name of the new company, the bad reviewer couldn't help but laugh.


Because the name of this new company is tentatively designated as "NewCo", which is the abbreviation of "New Company" (New Company) in English. Such a simple and rude way of naming makes people call the insider.

因为该新公司的名称暂定为“ NewCo”,所以它是英文“ New Company”(新公司)的缩写。这种简单无礼的命名方式使人们称呼内部人员。

According to reports, the new company NewCo will focus on IT infrastructure services, while the original company will focus on cloud computing and AI.


The split is expected to be completed before the end of 2021.


In fact, when it comes to IBM, it is certain that, except for the work needs of a lost crowd, most of the friends present here may not be very familiar with IBM's services.


Just like when the bad reviewer shared the news of IBM's split in the editorial department, "Is IBM hasn't gone bankrupt yet?", "Has Lenovo bought IBM a few years ago?" Such questions have never stopped.

就像糟糕的审稿人在编辑部分享IBM分裂的消息一样,“ IBM尚未破产吗?”,“联想几年前收购了IBM吗?”这些问题从未停止过。

This may be a blind spot for many friends' knowledge. In fact, including barcodes, hard drives, ATMs, and other things you take for granted, they are inseparable from IBM's invention or promotion.


This time, the bad reviewer is going to take advantage of the popularity of IBM and give you a simple compliment of the blue giant's story.


And maybe, after reading the news after you have understood the story, you might say a little bit: Oh, separate, normal operation. . .

也许,在您理解了故事后阅读新闻之后,您可能会说一点:哦,单独的正常操作。 。 。

In fact, in a nutshell: IBM is one of the few companies in the world that has successfully escaped multiple economic crises and has successfully transformed itself in previous technological revolutions.


IBM is actually an abbreviation, and its full name is: International Business Machines Corporation (International Business Machines Corporation).

IBM实际上是缩写,它的全名是:International Business Machines Corporation(国际商业机器公司)。

When you look at this name, you will know that it has little to do with our ordinary people, because its main customers are large companies and government agencies.


IBM's predecessor was actually CTR. It was founded in 1911, which was also the three years of Qing Xuantong as mentioned at the beginning. It was not until 1924 that Watson joined CTR before it officially changed its name to IBM.


In fact, at that moment, IBM was already engaged in the "computer" industry. Speaking of this, there will definitely be knowledgeable friends who said: The world's first general-purpose computer ENIAC was invented in 1946. I read a lot, and you can't fool me!


It's true, because IBM was manufacturing automatic tabulation machines and punching machines for calculations. Yes, it's a very papery computing device.


Personal struggle is certainly important, but in many cases the progress of history is unstoppable. Soon after its founding, IBM encountered the biggest economic crisis in the history of the capitalist world, but IBM was not knocked down, but instead got a good development opportunity.


Because Roosevelt's New Deal vigorously built infrastructure, it hired a lot of civil servants. The government's demand for tabulating machines, punching machines, and the like has fattened IBM.


There is a small episode in the middle of World War II. IBM also chased the tuyere and produced a large wave of submachine guns and other weapons. After all, they are all playing mechanical technology, which is not bad in the eyes of IBM.

第二次世界大战中期有一小段情节。 IBM还追逐了风口,并生产了大量的冲锋枪和其他武器。毕竟,他们都在玩机械技术,这在IBM看来还不错。

Of course, after World War II, the glory of the mechanical age faded quickly. We must all understand from the perspective of God that the age of electronic computers is coming.


But Watson the old and his son Watson Jr. didn't know this. After World War II, they had a disagreement on the future of IBM. Old Watson thinks that electronic computers are not reliable, they are all bubbles, and machinery is the romance of men!

但是老沃森和他的儿子沃森(Watson Jr.)不知道这一点。第二次世界大战后,他们对IBM的未来存在分歧。老沃森认为电子计算机是不可靠的,它们都是泡沫,而机械是人类的浪漫!

Little Watson felt that the future is the computer.

Little Watson认为未来就是计算机。

In the end, Watson persuaded his father that IBM decided to bet on electronic computers and gradually reduce the investment in machinery. Yes, he was right this time.


It is worth mentioning that during the 20 years when Watson Jr. took charge of IBM, IBM's average annual growth rate was as high as 30%. How to put it simply, many P2P wealth management products have an annual return rate of less than 30%.

值得一提的是,在Watson Jr.接管IBM的20年中,IBM的平均年增长率高达30%。简而言之,许多P2P财富管理产品的年收益率不到30%。

Because of previous close business relationships, these large electronic computers are also sold to large companies and government agencies.


But often walking by the river, how can you not wet your shoes. Soon the personal PC era has arrived, and IBM is indeed right, but this time, IBM only guessed the beginning but not the end.


Because IBM thinks that the most profitable thing for a personal computer is to sell hardware. Any single machine can sell thousands of dollars. The software is just a little bit of minced meat based on the hardware ecology. IBM's PC did indeed reach a dominant position for a while.

因为IBM认为个人计算机最赚钱的是出售硬件。任何一台机器都能卖出数千美元。该软件只是基于硬件生态的一些碎肉。 IBM的PC确实确实占据了统治地位一段时间。

But because the major hardware of the IBM PC is actually provided by a third-party company, the operating system DOS is Microsoft's. Until now, it is a computer city installed computer.

但是,因为IBM PC的主要硬件实际上是由第三方公司提供的,所以操作系统DOS是Microsoft的。到现在为止,它是一台安装在计算机城中的计算机。

The only BIOS with core technology was quickly cracked, so IBM compatible machines made by other companies soon appeared, and IBM became one of many hardware suppliers. With the increase of competitors, profits It has also become lower and lower, and software has become the most profitable.


Of course, the story between IBM and Apple and Microsoft is also magnificent. Interested friends can go to find out.


In 1993, Gerstner became the new CEO of IBM, and IBM once again ushered in its golden decade. With his vigorous reforms, IBM has also returned its focus to the service industry including business management and technical consulting. 75% of the world's top 100 companies are using IBM services.


Of course, because the company is getting bigger and bigger, IBM itself has more and more problems. Big company diseases such as complicated structure, inefficiency, bureaucracy, etc. make IBM perilous.


The former CEO of IBM Gerstner even compared the company to an "elephant" in the era of competition. He has been unable to keep up with his opponents.

在竞争时代,IBM Gerstner的前首席执行官甚至将该公司比作“大象”。他一直无法跟上他的对手。

In order to streamline the company, IBM sold its PC brand ThinkPad to Lenovo in 2005.


A year later, its hard drive business was sold to Hitachi. In 2014, it sold its PC chip business upside down. In the same year, IBM sold its x86 server business to Lenovo.

一年后,其硬盘业务出售给了日立。 2014年,它颠倒了出售PC芯片业务。同年,IBM将其x86服务器业务出售给了联想。

But even under such sales, IBM's Q4 financial report in 2014 showed that its net profit fell 11% year-on-year.

但是,即使在这样的销售额下,IBM 2014年第四季度财务报告显示其净利润同比下降了11%。

Perhaps because of the busy weight loss, the Internet Express IBM has not caught up. It has become a small fortune for IBM to provide services to large companies and government agencies with peace of mind.

也许由于忙于减肥,IBM尚未使用Internet Express。 IBM可以安心地为大型公司和政府机构提供服务已成为一笔小小的财富。

But IBM has chosen another way to make progress while betting on the future.


In 2006, IBM, Google, Amazon and other companies put forward the concept of cloud computing.


Although there has been a layout, under the impact of other companies, the company's revenue has fallen by 25% in the past eight years, which has also strengthened IBM's willingness to increase its stakes, and change is imminent.


IBM's move to split the family can be said to be poor while thinking about change. After the separation, IBM will focus on the trillion-dollar cloud and AI market; and NewCo will focus on transforming the existing architecture, which is worth about 500 billion. Dollar.

在考虑变革时,可以说IBM分裂家庭的举动并不成功。分离后,IBM将专注于价值数万亿美元的云和AI市场; NewCo将专注于改造价值约5,000亿美元的现有架构。美元。

Therefore, IBM believes that AI and cloud computing are larger markets and the future.


It turns out that everything is in the plan. Looking at it this way, can you understand the recent separation of IBM and the decision to focus on cloud computing and AI?


Jack Ma once said that he hopes his company can live for 102 years. But one of the biggest characteristics of the technology circle is that it is fast to update and can survive for hundreds of years. IBM can be said to be a very successful case.


Jack Ma himself admired IBM very much. At the first World Intelligence Conference, Jack Ma said: We should see where Google has gone, where IBM has gone, and the world. The most important thing to see is the future. . .

马云本人非常欣赏IBM。在第一届世界情报会议上,马云说:我们应该看到Google走到哪里,IBM走到哪里以及世界。最重要的是要看到未来。 。 。

From automatic tabulation machines to munitions, from mainframe computers to PCs, and from current IT service solutions to cloud computing and AI, transformation seems to have become commonplace for IBM.


However, for the giant IBM, every change requires the determination of the strong man to break his arm.


"But who said that elephants can't dance?" former IBM CEO Gerstner said in his autobiography.

“但是谁说大象不会跳舞呢?” IBM前首席执行官Gerstner在自传中说。

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