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【亚博平台网页登录】16名亚洲球员登陆新赛季葡超 葡乙才有中国身影

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Malaysian forward Safavid Rashid embarked on a flight to Lisbon from Kuala Lumpur the day before the closing of the summer window for the international transfer on October 5 this year, and completed the match with the Portuguese Super League team Boer before the window closed. The lease contract of the Timan club, the contract will end in the 2020-21 season, and the Portimão club will have the priority to buy out after the end of the season. What makes the Chinese fans unbelievable is that the Malaysian forward will be the 16th Asian player in the Portuguese Super League this season! Once upon a time, Portugal was considered to be the "bridgehead" and "transit station" for Chinese players to study abroad, but when players from various Asian countries have logged in to the Portuguese Super League, and even have 16 players this season, Chinese players can't even see them. There are no Chinese players even in the Portuguese League. Only in the third level of the Portuguese League, you can see some Chinese players. This has to be embarrassing!

马来西亚前锋萨法维德·拉希德(Safavid Rashid)于今年10月5日在夏季国际转会窗口关闭前一天从吉隆坡飞往里斯本,并在窗口关闭之前与葡萄牙超级联赛球队布尔合作。 Timan俱乐部的租赁合同,合同将在2020-21赛季结束,Portimão俱乐部将在赛季结束后优先购买。使中国球迷难以置信的是,这位马来西亚前锋将成为本赛季葡萄牙超级联赛的第16位亚洲球员!曾几何时,葡萄牙被认为是中国球员出国留学的“桥头堡”和“中转站”,但是当来自亚洲各个国家的球员登录葡萄牙超级联赛时,本赛季甚至有16名球员,中国玩家甚至看不到他们。甚至在葡萄牙联赛中也没有中国球员。只有在葡萄牙联赛的第三阶段,您才能看到一些中国球员。这一定很尴尬!



  Malaysian players are already in the European Union!


  The Portuguese Super League has 16 Asian players in the new season


   Safavi Rashid, born in 1997, should be no stranger to Chinese fans. In the first group stage of the Asian region of the Tokyo Olympics qualifiers held in Malaysia in March 2019, he represented the Malaysian National Olympic team. Although he failed to score in the final match against the Chinese team, he did not score a goal. But assisted his teammates to score, and even almost eliminated the Chinese Olympic team coached by Hiddink from the final stage. If it were not for Jiang Shenglong's header in the final stage to tie the score, the Chinese team might have missed the final stage. After that, Safawi represented the Malaysian JDT Johor team in the AFC Champions League. In an AFC Champions League group match between Jinan and Shandong Luneng, although Luneng won 2-1, Safavid scored A very exciting goal, in the selection of the best goals in the 1920s by the Asian Football Confederation not long ago, Safawi scored the Luneng team as the best goal.

萨法维·拉希德(Safavi Rashid)生于1997年,对中国球迷来说应该并不陌生。在2019年3月在马来西亚举行的东京奥运会预选赛亚洲地区的第一小组赛中,他代表马来西亚国家奥林匹克队参加比赛。尽管他在与中国队的决赛中未能得分,但他没有进球。但是他协助队友得分,甚至在最后阶段几乎淘汰了希丁克执教的中国奥林匹克队。如果不是在最后阶段要让姜胜龙的头球扳平比分,中国队可能会错过最后阶段。此后,Safawi代表马来西亚JDT柔佛州队参加了亚足联冠军联赛。在济南和山东鲁能之间的亚冠联赛中,尽管鲁能2-1获胜,但萨法维德打进了一个非常令人振奋的进球,在不久前由亚洲足球联合会选择的1920年代最佳进球中,萨法维也为鲁能进球团队为最佳目标。

   Although this time is only going to Malaysia on loan, it is undoubtedly the best affirmation for such a 97-year-old player. As he said in an interview before leaving Malaysia for Portugal: “For me, this may be the only opportunity in my life. But when the invitation came, I did not hesitate at all. If you want to become a better player, you can only develop in a higher level league. Therefore, my goal is to get a stable playing time and opportunity in the new team."


Lukman Hakim shamsudin

卢克曼·哈基姆(Lukman Hakim)

   It should be pointed out that Safawi, who is only 23 years old, is not the first Malaysian player to travel to Europe this season. In August of this year, Lukeman Hakim Shamsuddin, born in 2002, has joined the Belgian Serie A team Royal Kortrijk and signed a five-year contract. Because he was only 18 years old, the club arranged for him to train with the reserve team. However, in the Belgian U21 league this season, Lukeman performed well. He started again and scored the only goal in the sixth round of the league last weekend, helping The team won the fourth victory in six rounds of the season. With such a momentum of development, Lukeman estimates that he will soon have a chance to enter the first team. This Lukeman is a typical representative of the first batch of elite football players after the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Malaysian Government launched the NFDP (National Football Development Program) in 2011 and began to create the AMD (Malaysian National Football Academy). Therefore, the Malaysian Football Association has high expectations for Lukeman.

应该指出的是,只有23岁的萨法维不是本赛季首位前往欧洲的马来西亚选手。今年8月,2002年出生的卢克曼·哈基姆·沙姆苏丁(Lukeman Hakim Shamsuddin)加入了比利时甲级联赛皇家科特赖克(Royal Kortrijk),并签订了为期五年的合同。由于他只有18岁,俱乐部安排他与后备队一起训练。但是,在本赛季的比利时U21联赛中,卢克曼表现出色。他再次上场,上周末在联盟第六轮打进唯一进球,帮助球队赢得了本赛季六轮比赛的第四场胜利。有了这样的发展势头,卢克曼估计他很快就会有机会进入一线队。自2011年马来西亚政府青年体育部启动NFDP(国家足球发展计划)并开始创建AMD(马来西亚国家足球学院)以来,卢克曼就是第一批精英足球运动员的典型代表。因此,马来西亚足协对卢克曼寄予厚望。

   For Chinese fans, Malaysian football may not be worth mentioning at all, and it may not even catch up with the development of Vietnamese football over the years in the minds of Chinese fans. However, the reality is that no Chinese player has played in the top European league this season, but Malaysian players can appear in the Portuguese Super League! This is the cruel reality.


   Vietnam "Xiao Bei" Lei Gongrong and his girlfriend

   Vietnam "ξ奥b诶" l EI gong Ron Gandhi是girlfriend

Of course, Safawi is not the first Malaysian player to break into the Portuguese Super League. As early as the 2012-13 season, Nazmi Faiz Mansor, born in 1994, joined Belmar, the Portuguese Super League team at the time. The team, but due to their young age, is more of the U19 youth team representing the club and has scored goals. But in the end, he proposed to terminate the contract after more than half a year and returned to Malaysia. Therefore, he has never played in the Portuguese Super League. Among the Southeast Asian countries, the one who has ever played in the Portuguese Super League is the former Viet Nam international player Lei Gongrong. Under the recommendation of the then head coach of the Vietnam national team and Portuguese Castillo, he joined the Leixoes Sport Club (Leixoes Sport Club) at the end of August 2009. He was on loan for 3 months. Returned to Vietnam in January 2010. Another player who has played in the Portuguese Super League is Indonesian naturalized player Greg Nwokolo, but because he was born in Nigeria, he is not a true Southeast Asian player to some extent. From this perspective, Safawi has a long way to go after joining the Portuguese Super League.

当然,萨法维不是第一个闯入葡萄牙超级联赛的马来西亚球员。早在2012-13赛季,1994年出生的纳兹米·法兹·曼索(Nazmi Faiz Mansor)就加入了当时的葡萄牙超级联赛球队Belmar。由于年龄年轻,该队更多的是代表俱乐部的U19青年队,并进球。但最后,他建议在半年多后终止合同,然后返回马来西亚。因此,他从未参加过葡萄牙超级联赛。在东南亚国家中,曾参加过葡萄牙超级联赛的人是前越南国际球员雷公荣。在当时的越南国家队主教练和葡萄牙卡斯蒂略的推荐下,他于2009年8月底加入了莱克斯体育俱乐部(Leixoes Sport Club)。他租借了3个月。 2010年1月返回越南。在葡萄牙超级联赛中效力的另一位球员是印度尼西亚籍的格雷格·恩沃科洛,但由于他出生在尼日利亚,所以在某种程度上他不是真正的东南亚球员。从这个角度来看,萨法维在加入葡萄牙超级联赛后还有很长的路要走。

   However, this is not the focus of this article. What is really worth mentioning is that Safawi is the 16th Asian player in the Portuguese Super League this season.




   Japanese and Iranian players become popular in Portuguese Super League


   List of active Asian players in the Portuguese Super League


I remember that at the beginning of August this year, the author once wrote an article entitled "Iranian Players Staying Overseas: Seizing the Second-Class League in Europe", introducing that in the 2019-20 season, three Iranian internationals have shined in the Portuguese Super League, like the beginning of the season Iranian international Taremi, who joined Rio Avi, helped the team qualify for the Europa League this season. At the same time, he became the top scorer in the Portuguese Super League; Mohamadi scored after joining Avis He scored 8 goals; and goalkeeper Amir Abedzadeh played for Marittimo for the third consecutive season and has become an absolute main force. Due to the outstanding performance of the Iranian players, although Muhamadi has left the Portuguese Super League to join the Qatar League, more Iranian players have come to Portugal. It can be said that the good performance of Iranian players last season opened the way for more Iranian players to join the Portuguese Super League.

我记得今年八月初,作者曾写过一篇题为《伊朗留在海外的球员:夺取欧洲二等联赛》的文章,并介绍说在2019-20赛季,三名伊朗国际球员在比赛中大放异彩。葡萄牙超级联赛就像本赛季初一样,加入里约阿维的伊朗国脚塔雷米(Taremi)帮助球队获得了本赛季的欧罗巴联赛资格。同时,他成为了葡萄牙超级联赛的最佳射手。穆罕默德(Mohamadi)加入阿维斯(Avis)后得分。他攻入8球;守门员阿米尔·阿贝扎德(Amir Abedzadeh)连续第三赛季为马里蒂莫(Marittimo)效力,已经成为绝对的主力军。由于伊朗球员的出色表现,尽管穆罕默迪已经离开葡萄牙超级联赛加入卡塔尔联赛,但更多的伊朗球员来到了葡萄牙。可以说,上赛季伊朗球员的良好表现为更多伊朗球员加入葡萄牙超级联赛开辟了道路。



   Before the start of the new season,


Abed Zadeh

阿比·扎德(Abed Zadeh)

   Five players are in the Portuguese Super League at the same time, making Iran one of the countries with the largest number of overseas Portuguese Super League Asian Legions.




"I know that before I decided to move to Portugal, many people thought that I might choose to join Persepolis or Esteglaar because these two clubs are so great in Iran. But I Want to make greater progress, so I chose the Santa Clara team.


Takeichi Kunda


   Actually, it's just Mogehanlu, the Iranian non-international footballer, who has such an idea. The Japanese players who came to the Portuguese Super League this season may also have such a purpose. Like Iran, there are 5 Japanese players in the Portuguese Super League this season. The new generation of midfielder Shoya Nakajima of the Japanese team plays for the Porto team. Due to injuries, he did not get too many players last season. Performance opportunity, this season has just recovered from injury and is recovering, so in the "all-European lineup" organized by the Japanese national team not long ago, Nakajima Shoya was not selected, and his No. 10 jersey was temporarily provided by Takumin Minano. Generation wear. While in


Anxi Xinghui


   But in addition to these three, there are two Tokyo Olympics-appropriate players, one is the striker Shino Ryotaro, who played for the Avi River team, born in 1998. He was initially selected by Manchester City and formally signed, and was subsequently loaned to the Scottish Premier League team Hartz. Last season, he played 19 times and scored 3 goals. This season he was loaned to the Avi River team. The other is midfielder Hiriya Fujimoto, who played for Gilvisent, born in 1999. He came to the team on loan from the Japanese second division team Tokyo Beldi at the beginning of the season. The two sides signed a one-year contract. After the contract expires, the Gilvisent team has the final buyout power. These two young players came to Portugal, I am afraid they also hope to be selected for the Japanese Olympic team after this season's training, and eventually be able to participate in the Tokyo Olympics. After this, I hope to have a place in the Japanese national team.

但是除了这三名球员外,还有两名与东京奥运会相称的球员,其中一名是前锋筱田龙太郎,他为1998年出生的阿维河队效力。他最初是由曼城选拔并正式签约,随后被借用苏格兰超级联赛球队Hartz。上赛季,他出战19次,攻入3球。这个赛季他被租借到阿维河队。另一位是中场球员藤本浩也(Hiriya Fujimoto),他为吉尔维森特(Gilvisent)效力,出生于1999年。赛季初,他从日本乙级联赛东京贝尔迪(Thomas Beldi)借来了球队。双方签署了为期一年的合同。合同到期后,Gilvisent团队拥有最终购买权。这两名年轻球员来到葡萄牙,恐怕他们也希望在本赛季的训练后被选入日本奥林匹克队,并最终能够参加东京奥运会。此后,我希望能在日本国家队中占有一席之地。

   Fujimoto Hiroshi also played for Japan J2's Tokyo Beldi before going to Portugal






   South Korea, Australia and Iraq players also appeared


   Shino Ryotaro played for Scotland last season

Shino Ryotaro上赛季为苏格兰效力

   When Japanese players began to have a lot of wind in the Portuguese league, South Korean players, another football powerhouse in East Asia, also played in the Portuguese Super League. South Korean player Seok Hyun-joon, who currently plays for Troyes in the French second division team, first made a blockbuster in the Dutch league. He moved to Portugal's Marittimo in early 2013 and then played for the national team and Setúbal. Not bad, and was selected for the South Korean national team. Before him, Kim Dong-hyun also played for the Braga team in the Portuguese Super League. But after that, Korean players gradually moved away from Portugal, and occasionally only had Korean players in the second or even third level leagues.


   Kim Jong-young



  Lean Teague originally played for the Australian Super League Sydney FC team


  In comparison, there are not a lot of Australian players who have broken into Portugal in the past, but at the beginning of this year,


   Fujimoto Hiroya joins Gilvisent in the new season


   In addition to South Korea and Japan in East Asia, Malaysia and Australia in Southeast Asia, and Iran in Central Asia, Iraq in West Asia also has two players playing in the Portuguese Super League. However, these two people did not join at the beginning of the season. In comparison, Abbas, who played for Gilvisent, did not perform well, while Osama Rashid, as a member of the Iraqi national team, played in the 2019 Asian Cup. From the beginning of the 2016-17 season, Osama joined the Santa Clara team, which was only a Portuguese club at the time, but in the 2017-18 season, he helped the team successfully promoted to the Portuguese Super League. Subsequently, in the 2018-19 season, he helped the team successfully relegation with a score of 7 goals and 6 assists in 25 games, and won the 10th place. Last season, although he played 27 times and scored only 2 goals, his role in the team was even more important, and he ranked 9th.

除了东亚的韩国和日本,东南亚的马来西亚和澳大利亚以及中亚的伊朗之外,西亚的伊拉克也有两名葡萄牙超级联赛球员。但是,这两个人在赛季初并未加入。相比之下,为吉尔维森特(Gilvisent)效力的阿巴斯表现不佳,而作为伊拉克国家队成员的乌萨玛·拉希德(Osama Rashid)则参加了2019年亚洲杯。从2016-17赛季开始,奥萨马加入了当时只有葡萄牙俱乐部的圣塔克拉拉队,但在2017-18赛季,他帮助球队成功晋升为葡萄牙超级联赛。随后,在2018-19赛季,他在25场比赛中以7球和6助攻的成绩帮助球队成功降级,并获得了第十名。上个赛季,尽管他出战27次,仅进2球,但他在球队中的作用更为重要,他排名第9。



   Brunei prince transferred from the Premier League


   Brunei Prince Faik Borgia

文莱王子Faik Borgia


  The Prince of Brunei also joined the Portuguese Super League


The Brunei prince, who was born in the United States, completed his studies in the United Kingdom. Since 2009, he has been playing in the football academies of many clubs in England, including the football academies of Southampton, Arsenal, Chelsea and other clubs. Portugal had previously played for the Premier League’s Leicester U23 reserve team for 4 years, but because he could not enter the Premier League first team, in order to be able to enter the first team and fulfill his professional dream, he joined the Marittimo team freely. Hope to play in the first team as soon as possible. Since 2016, Faik Bolkiah has played on behalf of the Brunei national team. So far, he has played 6 times and scored a goal.

出生于美国的文莱王子在英国完成了学业。自2009年以来,他就职于英格兰许多俱乐部的足球学院,包括南安普敦,阿森纳,切尔西和其他俱乐部的足球学院。葡萄牙此前曾为英超莱斯特U23预备队效力4年,但由于他无法进入英超一线队,为了能够进入一线队并实现他的职业梦想,他自由地加入了Marittimo队。希望能尽快加入一线队。自2016年以来,Faik Bolkiah代表文莱国家队出战。到目前为止,他已经出战6次并进球。

  As a prince of such a rich man, Faik is still chasing his football dream, but it has nothing to do with money. This may also be due to the charm of football. But in this season, can the prince have a chance to finally appear in the Portuguese Super League? No one can give an exact answer.


   Iraq international Osama Rashid


   China took the lead in opening the door to stay in Portugal, and now...


   Facing the reality that there are 16 Asian players in the Portuguese Super League this season, the author is quite moved, because almost 10 years ago, the Chinese Football Association had a majestic plan to use Portugal as the "cradle" for training Chinese players. But today, 10 years later, Chinese football is rushing to Portugal, and even Portuguese football is considered an "ominous place". Not to mention Chinese players landing in the Portuguese Super League, now even the Portuguese League is almost impossible to see. Figures of Chinese players.


   When Wei Di dropped to the Chinese Football Association after "anti-gambling and anti-crime", he once proposed the "plan to send hundreds of young players to study abroad every year." At the end of 2011, the first batch of overseas players in this plan, a total of 42 people in the 93-94 age group and 95-96 age group, went to Portugal. At that time, the Football Association named the study abroad as the "China Hope Team Project in Portugal". This is the second batch of overseas youth players sent by the Chinese Football Association in the professionalization wave after the Chinese Jianlibao Youth Team studied in Brazil.

魏迪在“反赌博和反犯罪”之后落入中国足协时,曾提出“每年派遣数百名年轻球员出国读书的计划”。 2011年底,该计划中的第一批海外参与者,分别是93-94岁年龄段和95-96岁年龄段的42人来到了葡萄牙。当时,足协将这项研究命名为“中国在葡萄牙的希望队项目”。这是继中国健力宝青年队赴巴西学习后,中国足协在职业化浪潮中派出的第二批海外青年球员。

   Although at that time, some people in China continued to criticize Vide’s Portuguese-speaking project, and even maliciously claimed that there was a “benefit transfer” between Vide and the operating company of this project. However, no matter how the outside world slanders, it cannot be denied: from the perspective of educating people, this "study in Portugal project" is quite successful! Among the 23 players who participated in the Myanmar U19 Asian Youth Championship in 2014, 11 were from this "Portugal Program"; among the Chinese U23 national football teams that participated in the U23 Asian Championship in 2018, 9 were from this "Portugal Program" "; Of the 23 players who participated in the Bahrain U19 Asian Youth Championship in 2016, 3 were from this "Portugal Program"; in the Chinese U23 Olympic team participating in the U23 Asian Championships in 2020, 4 were from this "stay Portuguese project". Moreover, there are more than 30 Portuguese players who have been selected to national youth teams at all levels! Deng Hanwen, He Chao, Liu Yiming and others who were selected into the national team in Lippixiang are all players who have participated in this event. Although Wei Shihao and Yang Liyu are not players in this project, they have been in Portugal for many years, and Wei Shihao has also played in the Portuguese Super League.

尽管当时,中国的一些人继续批评Vide的葡萄牙语项目,甚至恶意声称Vide与该项目的运营公司之间存在“利益转移”。但是,无论外界如何诽谤,都不能否认:从教育人民的角度来看,这个“葡萄牙研究项目”是相当成功的! 2014年参加缅甸U19亚洲青年锦标赛的23名选手中,有11名来自“葡萄牙计划”;在参加了2018年U23亚洲锦标赛的中国U23国家足球队中,有9人来自该“葡萄牙计划”;在2016年参加巴林U19亚洲青年锦标赛的23名运动员中,有3人来自该“葡萄牙计划” “;在参加2020年U23亚洲锦标赛的中国U23奥林匹克队中,有4个来自这个“葡萄牙留学项目”。此外,还有30多个葡萄牙运动员入选了各个国家青年队!邓汉文利皮香国家队的何超,刘一鸣和其他入选该项目的都是球员,尽管魏世豪和杨立宇不是该项目的球员,但他们已经在葡萄牙工作了很多年,并且魏世浩还曾参加过葡萄牙超级联赛。



   In other words, no matter what the outside world says about Wei Di, there is a fact that no one can change, that is, during Wei Di's tenure, at least a batch of usable talents were left for Chinese football! Regrettably, with the departure of Vidi, the "China Hope Team Project in Portugal" came to an abrupt end. on the one hand,


   What is really touching is actually:


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