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A long-awaited battle between North and South Italy (Turin, where Juventus is located, is a city in the north of Italy, and Naples is a city in the south of Italy), a dialogue between the brothers Pirlo and Gattuso, because Naples has missed the appointment.


According to the official Naples statement: Two players in the team, Zelinski and Elmas, tested positive for nucleic acid, and the team was quarantined and could not leave for Turin. But the Italian Football Association did not agree with this statement. According to regulations, Naples was sentenced to a 0-3 loss is a no-brainer.


According to previous reports in Italian media, Naples will appeal if it is sentenced to 0-3. So, what is the reason for Naples' break of the appointment? If Naples is sentenced to lose, what chance will they have for an appeal and comeback?


Naples' rejection of the appointment is closely related to the second sweep of the new crown virus in Europe.


In February of this year, the new crown pneumonia epidemic began to plunder in Europe. Since then, European countries have adopted the method of closing the city, suspending competitions and even training to a certain extent alleviated the spread of the epidemic. Because of the epidemic looting, Ligue 1 and Eredivisie matches have been announced in advance.


The Bundesliga chose to resume the league after the epidemic eased temporarily. Since then, La Liga, Premier League and Serie A have also resumed and played the remaining matches.


We have to clarify a problem: all countries in the world, including China, have not really defeated the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Especially in the European continent, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has plundered twice after entering September. Many people were diagnosed on the football field, including AC Milan's biggest star-Ibrahimovic.


AC Milan is not the worst, the worst team is Genoa. After the end of the second round a week ago, as many as 14 members of the Genoa team were diagnosed with new crown pneumonia, which was a real blow to the Genoa team. In the third round, Genoa's match with Turin had to be postponed.


Before Genoa was diagnosed, their opponent was Naples. That's right, Naples beat the opponent 6-0 in that game.


Because of this, the anxiety of the Naples team can be imagined. After two rounds of nucleic acid testing, Zelinsky and Elmas in the Naples team were diagnosed. According to the Naples team, the number of confirmed cases may be far more than these two people.


Because of this, Naples made the decision that the team did not go to Turin.


However, Naples failed to travel to Turin without the approval of the Italian Football Association or even Serie A. Serie A has issued multiple statements: the game continues.


This brings up the scene we saw. Juventus announced the big list of the game, and announced the list of starting players before the game. At 7:45 pm on October 4th, local time in Italy (2:45 am on the 5th, Beijing time), Juventus has been waiting for the arrival of Naples at home. However, they did not wait for their opponent Naples at home.


After 45 minutes, the referee on duty announced the end of the game and reported to the Italian Football Association. Based on past experience, the Italian Sports Court will judge Juventus to win 3-0. Although so far (as of 14 o'clock on the 6th Beijing time), the Serie A official has not officially announced, but it is only a matter of time before Naples is sentenced.


So, what is the basis for Naples' punishment? Is this inhumane by the Italian Football Association? the answer is negative. The Italian sports court punishes Naples on the basis of UEFA. According to UEFA regulations, as long as a team can send 13 people (at least one goalkeeper) to play, the game will be played.


According to the current nucleic acid test data in Naples, they can send 13 people to participate in the competition. This is fundamentally different from the fall of the Genoa team. According to regulations, Naples refused to participate and will be sentenced to a 0-3 loss.


It was only a matter of time before Naples was sentenced. If Naples is sentenced to lose, then, as the losing side, Naples will never give up, they will definitely appeal to the game to restart. So, if Naples chooses to appeal, where will the plot go?


To understand this, we must first look at the contest behind this. In a nutshell, the absence of Naples is a question of who has the final say in the Italian health and sports departments.


Supporters of Naples believe that the number of people diagnosed in Naples is far more than Zelinsky and Elmas. Because the incubation date of the new crown virus is relatively long, it is impossible to detect everything so quickly. Therefore, Naples refuses to go to the away game to meet the rematch. Requirements.


Even well-known local lawyers quoted the "Italian National Emergency Act", believing that this situation should be subject to the opinion of the health department. Obviously, before the penalty was issued, they pointed the finger at the Italian Football Association, Serie A and even the entire Italian sports department.


Naples' statement also quoted the "opinions" of the local health department. According to the official Naples statement, it was the officials of the health department of Campania that did not allow the Naples team to leave the city.


However, this statement was questioned by the Italian media "ANSA". They quoted the health department of Campania (the capital of the region, Naples) as saying that the health department did not force the Naples club to go out of the city, nor did they say that they must be isolated at home. It is recommended to stay at home.

但是,意大利媒体“ ANSA”对此声明提出质疑。他们引用了坎帕尼亚(那不勒斯地区首府)的卫生部门的话说,卫生部门没有强迫那不勒斯俱乐部出城,也没有说他们必须在家隔离。建议呆在家里。

Obviously, the meaning of the two words suggested and mandatory is different. If the "ANSA" statement is true, then the Naples statement is not valid. In other words, according to the current situation, it is only a matter of time before Naples is sentenced to 0-3. The character of Ed Laurentis, he will definitely choose to appeal.

显然,建议和强制两个词的含义是不同的。如果“ ANSA”语句为true,则那不勒斯语句无效。换句话说,根据目前的情况,那不勒斯被判0-3只是时间问题。 Ed Laurentis的性格,他一定会选择上诉。

But the Italian Football Association implements UEFA regulations. Therefore, once sentenced to defeat, Naples' hopes of a comeback can only be said to be minimal.


An expected North-South dialogue between Naples and Juventus was stranded from the beginning because of the new crown pneumonia. At present, the probability of another day of rematch is slim. It is not difficult to see a problem behind it: So far, people have not defeated the new crown pneumonia epidemic. In this case, football matches are still going on in storms. How to defeat the new crown pneumonia as soon as possible is still a top priority for people. Otherwise, it will be difficult for us to really enjoy the fun of football.


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